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Ive been surviving off of nature since i was 8 years old im am now 13 im not sure what john harrinton thinks he know but not much about this subject this is great for a long term if you are not careless about your welfare overall great kit thanks bear

loved the knife in here however everything else i ended up not using and why do uou need the little wire if you already have a compass if you watched man vs wild you will know what im talking about good first aid kit not so great if you are lost long term

Aside from the lack of snare wire, and other survival basics that are missing, the kit's items are all solid. For the price, I'm most likely going to take the kit contents and add them to my bugout bag.

It has already helped me, but i would add water purification tablets to have proper water.

i got lost and this kit saved my life.

First of all I need to take stuff out that I consider unimportant and put stuff in that are important. I got this kit like two months ago and the paint (the land to air instruction sticker and the title) are very worn off.

Its an okay kit but could use a few more things. You should really buy a gear pod. Those are awesome!

first thing is foil and cordage is not any of the ten scout essentials so it would not be right to put it in there

he could have stuck everything inside a water bottle because it is one of the essentials and could have gotten a better first aid kit

it has 5 out of 10 essentials but if they could add more matches, hand saw, and a canteen.it would be the best it already is expensive so why not add more

Only thing I would add is a hemostatic agent.food for thought Gerber!!!

too much money for the little amount of gear that you get!!!

ok add more first aid stuff plus add fire starters
and cord

sure things look budget but in a survival situation this pack is solid gold. the price needs looking at but $43 pack can save your life thats if you know how to fully use it :D

Pretty good kit for mild situations. I would add foil and cordage.

All the Bear Grylls products are really great that I can see. If you think the price is too much on Amazon everything is a lot less. Great product though!

crummy compass, band aids are easy to get and cheaper. if you're buying this you probably have a knife already. It is just an overpriced False sense of ability and safety.

Great kit with a few additions. The moleskin sheets really worked when I got a blister hiking. The case is semi water proof and is great for raining or wet conditions. The first aid supplies are great, but I took out most except for the moleskin, and the bandages. Haven't tested the waterproof matches, but they look durable. I did add duct tape, rem oil wipes, and a lighter. The little flashlight is awesome on high mode. Best light for the weight and size. The knife is pretty good, just would have taken of the serrated edge. Compass is pretty good as well. Good product.

This is the most thought out kit I have ever owned. It is ideal for the hiker or camper. the plastic container is even water resistent. I dropped mine in a stream in Ecaudor and the all contents stayed dry. In fact I carry mine almost everywhere I go. If I'm Bigfoot hunting, I have it in my rucksack. When I'm driving, I have it in my glove compartment. The only down side is the price. I was lucky enough to purchase mine on an online store for half the price.

Over priced first aid kit with a knife

they're not saying scout as in boy scout they're using the word scout to atest to how small and compact it is.

I like this kit because it is light compact and always their when you need it

i got this because it has a knife, compass, micro torch, matches, and a full light first aid kit

i got this kit main for the knife, light, and compass the other stuff is just extras

I have to say that this is one of the few gerber bg products which cost more then it should, it barely comes with anything and what it does have is limited and in small quantities. However it is good quality. You can find this item, like all gerber bg products on amazon for half the price. Finally you can buy a far superior kit with way more stuff, all of it good quality used by medics for 15-20 bucks. If you like this brand name and bg face all over it go ahead! It may seems like I don't like either bg of gerber, but that's not true, I love them both and I even read the majority of bg autobiographies.

It looks good and I would definitely trust my safety and/or my life on it

P.S. scout is right use nature and knolage

I love this kit and probably get it merged with ultimate kit and I wish it came with regular scout knife

I don't know why you guys are complaining. If you are in a survival situation, you should only need a couple days. The compass is a guide, use the sun. Duct tape isn't needed, you don't tape a shelter. Survival is about being able to use nature. Not using cords, use branches, vines and shoelaces. One only needs knowledge of the outdoors not man made stuff. The natives lived without it so you can survive without it too.

this looks like a med kit more then a survival kit but i guess being healthy is part of surviving

not bad but its really ment for boyscouts

OK Kit, Sharp Knife, Good Torch BUT my Compass has a big air bubble in it and that stops the Compass from turning. Inspected Compass with magnifying glass and found pinhole in compass case.
NOT HAPPY about crap compass, but all other kit OK.

Crap. it would'nt be a ripoff if it was $32

Damn good, wish i had this when i was on the border

Just crap. Nothing but crap.

This kit is awesome and is fair for
The price the knife is very very sharp and can cut anything

I wish I had one of these when I was a scout. Bear put alot of thinking into what an average scout would need on the trail. What he has come with is the best to date kit out there. Everyting you need in a small container. I highly recommend it to anybody who likes to go on weekend hikes.

i would love to buy this set for my kid brother, i find it would be amazing for a beginner.

I love this kit. You guys who complain it is not enough are looking for a survival kit which BG offers two to choose from. This is for day hikes. That said it is still enough to survive on for several days in the wilderness if you know a little bit. I have survived on much less for several days. Knowledge, it's free and light to carry gentlemen. Bear Grylls gear is well thought out and I am really starting to enjoy putting it to the test. Good job guys! I do agree that some cordage would be useful, but that is what shoes laces are for right?

I have been a scout for 8-9 years now (including beavers, cubs ect) and i REALLY think you guys did a great job, I would have liked to see a flint and steel there though but i wan't one and i think most scouts should carry these! =) Plus Bear IS AWESOME

this is a beter kit then the ultimate and basic kit cuz theres a great quality knife first aid and matches everything is great but its expensive.

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