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Gerber Pro

OK people we get it. and i am sure every one at Gerber gets it as well.. it is a remake of the woodmen pal. WE GET IT good god talk about dragging a dead dog though the mud..
the woodmen pal is not cheap to replace but it is a nice tool. and comes in handy clearing brush so the Gerber Gator pro is awesome cheap dose the job i have cut down nice sized trees cleared a 80x80 camp site of brush and split over a dozen medium logs for the fire pit and no bent blades no chips no broken handles no screws lose or missing. if you know how to use it! it will be a good tool for you even though its '' cheap '' it will last you.

This is a cheap rip off of the class "woodsman pal" made in the USA. Save your money on this one and get the real deal!

I live on a well vegetated farm of about 500 acres. I bought the apocalypse kit for the diversity, but I have only used this tool once. That was a field TEST. It held up very well, no cons for it. My opinion is keep it for some very odd work that requires the hook. And I don't see how it digs...

Got one with a tactical folder for my birthday. Used it to clear brush and make a hasty duck/ turkey blind. Found it to be well balanced in my hand and fits neatly in my blind bag. Used it to clear briars with ease.

Hit a dead limb and bent the metal !

I got this 3 years ago used it well over 50 times holds edge very well only sharpend it a few times great quality nice handle amazing for chopping trees down and brush I love it

I work and play in the woods and this is a great tool for clearing brush along the trail or chopping up wood for a cook fire. It would be nice to have a sheath that was MOLLE compatible.

I have considered machining an edge on the blunt area above the Nut grabbing utensil.

I got the machete for christmas in 2013. I've used it any chance I have had and it still cuts like the first time I opened it. Love the thing and it kicks butt.

I have used this machete for the past two years. It is easy to carry, has a comfortable grip, and cuts very well. It could be improved by lengthening the blade an additional 2 to 2.5 inches. This would increase the cutting surface and improve the the blade weight reducing arm fatigue. If you want a lightweight, medium duty machete this is a good choice.

Short enough for easy packing/belt carrying. Perfect for chopping down small trees and liming them.
Great price, not afraid to use and abuse it!
Great camp tool!

It's a copy of the ww2 woodsmans pal. The only difference is the handle and the brand.

Very impressed with the max diameter of branches I were able to cut with just one swing. The sheath is comfortable and allows quick and easy access to the machete. Only thing I would and have changed is the opposing side of the blade/ same side as the axe need to be serrated, straight blade needs to be full length of blade and the axe can be tricky to sharpen at first. A must have for any sportsman

Like how I had said. Does it's job right.

Bought 2, one for me and one for my buddy or one for each hand! Z doesn't stand a chance.

Gets the Job done! Great for removing branches off a tree or the heads of zombies truly the ultimate survival tool.

Used to clear willows so I could repair a barbed wire fence on crick bottom. Mainly used sharpened hook as there was little room to swing the tool .
Impressive . Well balanced tool with sharp edges. Packable, durable and handy.

its strange shape makes it hard to use but it woks.

Great grip feel and build quality

i have my oun landscape company and i first bought this for fun but i find my self using this on the job all the time! this thing is bad ass!!

when on the move I like to use this as a handy backup in case situations get hairy. with lives in danger on a daily bases I can easily use it to take care of walkers... love it gerber...

Wow i saw this and was what i have the same exact thing but its like 50 years old and has a leather handle that's cool they have this

I just received my Gator Pro which I purchased as part of my Bug Out Bag (BOB) arsenal. I haven't had a chance to use it, but it is hefty and solid! A great resource for the wilderness!

Was unable to penetrate zombie's skull with first blow, needed total of three hits to subdue it. Decapitation is easier but not good enough.
Other than that, grip is good, does not slip even when wet with blood and entrails.
I would recommend it with an additional knife.

I've used axes and machetes but, this is a combination of both. The balance and overall feel of it in my hand is perfect. Love it!

Not too heavy and has great edge retention. I did have some difficulty with sharpening the hook. The sharpening stone is pretty much useless so I use a sharpening puck to keep a sharp edge. The handle feels great

I've used this and must say it is a great piece of equipment
-cheaper than the woodsman pal.
-better case.
-heavy duty.
this truly is a great buy, don't leave home without this thing.

The Woodsman's Pal is much better.

It feels great in your hand and holds a great edge. It's that tool you can take places where a full sized machete won't go. And that brush hook could easily double as a gut hook. It's pretty well balanced too. Not a bad investment

who needs the apoc kit when you have this

Would like to know thickness and Rockwell hardness. Thanks

Looks sharp, strong, and also very durable, good job Gerber !

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