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Gerber Knives repair

This is the "Everyone" knife. I have owned a para frame forever it seems. I have serrated and fine edge as well as both mini's. I quite often give these as gifts. I've looked at the auto section and I'm down to four to choose from. It's hard to replace a knife that has become my third hand. I must say a great thank you to all at Gerber. It's a great morale booster to know that my brothers and sisters aren't dying for nothing. Please keep up the fantastic products and your devotion to the American people. God bless all at Gerber and they're families. Covert auto will probably become my fourth hand. Thanks again.
True to my Country
Hang Loose

I just bought this knife 2 hours ago. I've had a Gerber 450 EZ-Out for more than 23 years. I only use it for cutting boxes, rope, and nylon webbing, but never had an issue with it. It was just time for an upgrade. After reading everyone's review saying that it couldn't be opened with one hand I was almost deterred from buying it. After opening the package my first thought was 'damn, it can't be opened with one hand." But after a few attempt I realized that it needs to be pushed forward at a 45 degree angle to the handle, then it flicks open effortlessly with one hand. The lock is tight, no blade play in any direction. I'm very happy with this knife.

I feel compelled to write this review after reading what the "Engineer" wrote. This is the best pocket knife I have ever owned and I am now 50 and have been carrying a knife since I received my grandfather's knife at age 8. The open steel handle is why I bought this knife; it creates a light, balanced and extremely strong knife. Ten seconds ago I asked my 5 year old daughter to see if she could get her finger onto the blade in the closed position. She could, but just barely. Then she said, Why would I do that dad, that wouldn't be smart." Regarding "sitting (sic) yourself" (slitting) I am sure my daughter would have similar advice. I have two of these because I love it so much that I could not be without it when I had to send it back to Gerber for a free replacement thanks to their "Lifetime Warranty" so I bought a new one prior to sending it in for repair. You are probably wondering why it needed repair, well let me tell you: After 5 years of really hard use the locking tang fractured. It could have been my fault or a defect, I am not sure. Either way, Gerber sent me a brand new knife. If I owned a business I would also run it the way Gerber does-Quality products, great customer service and a real solid warranty. I am a fan for life of both this knife and Gerber. I now give this knife as a gift to others and I am confident that each time my friends use it in the years to come they will think of me. Oh, one more thing . . . I use this knife to cut fruit on my farm in Hawaii, cut rope, fish things out of tight spaces, clean my finger nails, saw through thin branches, etc, etc., I even swim in the salty ocean every other day and have been doing so for over three years (shark defense) with only minimal rust developing on the frame bushings. Great Knife!

I've used a lot of knives of the farm and most just didn't hold up or stayed sharp enough long enough. This one on the other hand has been my favorite by far!! I just sliced my thumb open the other day on it and I've been using it all the time on wood and baling twine. I would've really had to work to cut myself with my other knives after using them so often. I would defanatly recommend to all my friends.

Finish is excellent. Knife is very sharp as expected. Manufacturing quality is top notch. Well priced.

Open handle however is no good. I can get my finger in windows of the handle. I do not not like that the blade is exposed when closed. It can still cut in the closed position. There is risk of sitting yourself when closing the blade. I would not buy this style again. Handle design is not sufficient.

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