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Gerber hand saw

Buy a Wyoming saw you can get replacement blades for it from them The Gator saw is a disposable $30 saw

Good saw but can't find blades. Disappointed with gerber!

Agree with the blade issue. For the meat blade I use a 14 TPI hacksaw blade which fits perfectly. Wish I could find the wood saw blades though!

I really like this saw, the bone blade that come with it make cuts through deer sized bones very easy.. its compact enough to carry, but a little heavy for long hikes. I use it for clearing around stands and butchering. after several deer and antelope (~7) the blade is still good. I made a few spares using 12" 14TPI hack saw blades. drill a hole and use a vise + pliers to snap off the extra two inches.

I like the saw and used it for a couple of elk, but just finished a buffalo hunt and had to use someone else's saw, because I can not find replacement blades. Every review talks of not being able to find replacement blades and you still do nothing. Anyone want a used bone saw? I think I will just have to go with Wyoming.

Loved it, was good for an elk and a couple deer. But need replacement blade. Should i pitch ir for another brand or dig around the net looking for a blade that might work?

Where can one get replacement blades for this saw and the larger model? Some of us use the tools we buy so a replacement blade is important.

Same as everyone else here, love the saw, HATE that I can't find replacement blades for it. Why on earth would you not have replacement blades for this saw?? Do you think they will last forever?

Nice Saw, but not with out replacement blades, will have to get the Wyoming saw.

No spare blades available. Would not recommend taking this out of the house without spares. What a waste. Otherwise, take good care of your one blade. Works great!

i would buy this saw if i could buy replacement blades. its that simple.

I bought this saw and on the first use the bone blade broke. I now find out there are no replacement blades. That is ridiculous. A blade eventually gets dull, let alone break so what do you want the consumer to do, but a whole new saw|? Not likely.
Before the blade broke it cut very well. Handy case, nice saw but without replacement blades, useless.

You guys really do need to have replacement blades available.

Ditto, wood saw blade worn out and need a new one. Where can you get them? Had I known this would be a problem, I would have gotten a different product.

Need replacement blades. Love the saw but may never buy any other Gerber product without good support

Where Can you get replacement blades?

Same as everyone else, I've had it for years but can't find any bone replacement blades. Why would you sell a good product that doesn't have replacement blades available.

Can't recommend this saw until replacement blades become available. Bought it without realizing that these blades are not available.

i like the saw but where r the replacement blades?

I purchase this pruduct years ago and alway found repacement bone bades for this saw...I am a lady who loves to hunt and this size of saw is percfect for me to use in the bush of kitchen.when can I find a bone blade for your product? :(

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