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-Made in USA
-great overall "feel"
-VERY little play in blade when deployed
-strong clip feels like it will hold its shape/keep its "spring"
-able to swap clip to my preferred location

-one screw fell out of the clip almost immediately, second also loosened
-VERY stiff hinge, but action is smooth (working it during down times, hope it will "break in" soon)
-PLEASE put some grooves, checkering, or knurling on the finger tab- making it slightly bigger wouldn't hurt, either
-liner lock should be taller/easier to access

I moved the clip so that glass breaker is oriented "up" when in my right pocket. Degreased everything, installed clip using J-B Weld for thread locker and on back side of clip (hopefully the clip will NEVER come loose again!).

Buy with confidence, but WATCH THE CLIP to make sure it stays put. I've read some anecdotes of people stripping out the screw holes for the clip, so I elected to use the J-B Weld on the screws and back side of the clip while just tightening the screws moderately...

I use it to cut thin polyester rope, (mule tape). It's my daily tool.
Liner lock is to stiff. Blade is great material, but difficult to sharpen.
The clip screws come loose. Love the knife, the look, the toughness.
Hate the weak screws for the clip.
Blade will get loose.
Awesome looking, but could have been assembled better.

Reason for Purchase:
I purchased this knife to replace my EDC Smith and Wesson Black Ops tanto. The S&W knife has always been pretty cool; I like the tanto look, but it is a bit tricky to sharpen, which can be a problem when the steel is 4034 stainless and needs to be sharpened A LOT. But it does have a nifty and very fast spring assist, almost fast as an auto. But it also can open in your pocket by accident...

What I Like About the Decree:
This bad boy is made of S30V steel. Anyone who is anyone knows that's a premium grade steel for a knife, let alone a folder. In all truthfulness, a S30V folder should go for a lot more than the $68 I bought it for off Amazon. The sharpening of the modified tanto is ten times easier.

Possible Issues:
The Decree comes razor sharp out of the box and well oiled. But the opening mechanism isn't quite the "rapid deployment" they talk it up to be. The finger flip tab on the back is pretty useless, but if you're smart and have the appropriate star-head tip for your screwdriver, you can just twist about a half turn loose the pivot screw and flip it open with the thumb stud just about as fast as the old S&W. But it doesn't make the finger tab any better unfortunately...

The liner lock is very stiff out of the box, but I'm sure over time the metal won't bend so far over and it will ease quit your whining that your open blade is overly safe and won't slice your hand, it'll get there.

Is there a lot of play in the blade? Yeah, a bit. Is it a problem? In my opinion, not really. What is this, a pocket pry-bar? It's S30V for God's sake, it's not like it's going to bend or snap with any ease anyway, even if you ARE prying open the elevator doors in a burning building.

Bottom Line:
Knives, guns, shoes...most things all have break-in periods. So does this knife. You'll have a good grip, a constantly sharp and durable knife, and a lifetime warranty to boot in case it DOES break on that elevator door.

My first Gerber and disappointed. Is not even close to a Kershaw at same price point. I like the blade and shape but handle feels cheap. There is blade play and flipper isnt set right to open knife. The locking mechanism feels like a cheese grater on your thumb.

Pro. Comes sharp and i like shape. Feels good in hand once you get it deployed.

I've carried and lived with this knife for a while, and I am pleased with it. It is sturdy, keeps an edge and is a good size for most tasks. After a while in the field it still looks brand new, which is amazing since it has had a rough life so far. Word of caution: the glass breaker is SHARP and will rip up your hand every time you reach in your pocket if you clip it in your pants pocket with the breaker orientated up.

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