Gerber Contrast Knife, Fine

Gerber Drop Point Knife

Great blade, I use it every day to cut/break down boxes at work. I recently used it to strike a flint fire starter and it worked flawlessly. The blade is still razor sharp. Very lightweight and cool design.

I bought my Mini Swagger for $18 at Big-5.

The thumb bolts are too close to the bearing. If they were .25" further down it'd be perfect. For an "Assisted Opening" knife, it only opens instantly 5% of the time, I've even tried using my index finger and thumb to get it moving so the spring can take over, not much success.

My thumb and finger are pretty sore from trying, maybe after a few weeks, it'll be broken in and work like it's supposed to.

The packaging my came in is dated 2012 (China), maybe it's improved since then

I purchased this knife from a local retailer and it is awesome. It is very lightweight. I can hardly tell it's in my pocket. The pocket clip is very strong so I know I'll never have to worry about losing it. The handle provides so much grip and sturdiness. The blade needed a little sharpening, but after that it was good to go and cuts perfectly. The AO works very well. Took me a couple times to get the hang of it, but it opens right up when you figure it out. Overall, this is a perfect knife for every day carry. Would highly recommend. Thanks Gerber!

I'm in Boy Scouts, so I carry a knife with me daily. This knife may need a little sharpening at first, but after that I would compare this knife to some at Cold Steel.

I have this knife i wont leave the house without it its my protection

Came sort of sharp and is so is so tight i cant oppen it with the thumb studs and it hurts my fingers to oppen by pulling the blade. amazing grip on the g10 and a very solid lock up. no blade play at all! all in all a good knife for the money just needs to be loosened up with the torque.

It is a good knife will a pretty decent edge but with a few minutes with the belt sander that edge became razor sharper. It is a good size and has a nice g-10 handle. The only problem with it was that when i first got it the framelock didn't always work, within opening and closing it a few times the framelock was worn in and now it looks in very well. It is very good looking and great to use with the blade shape.

This knife is great. Its's size is perfect for sliding into a pocket, and it's super light. I was looking at both one of these and an LST but I realized that this is just an upgraded LST. The G-10 handle is amazing, never once have I lost grip, even with it's size. The thumb studs are priceless, as it is so easy to open. The only thing I would change is the lock.

this is a great knife that i carry around every day looks great and is one of the sharpest knives i have ever owned overall love this knife great job gerber

This knife is excellent. Despite the name mini it is a very good sized folding knife but is sleek enough to disappear into my pocket. With a naturally sharp blade it is perfect for survival, EDC, and in my Bug out Bag. I love it.

I got this knife in august 2014it is a great knife it looks awesome and is really handy the only thing is the blade chipped just a little but other than that it's a great knife.

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