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Contestants compete to gentle and ride the horse have drawn using Natural Horsemanship methods. The horses in this event have never been saddled, bridled, nor ever ridden, yet they are halter broke.

On the first day the Trainers have two one hour sessions to work with their horse in their round pen, with a half hour break in between. All the trainers are working their horses at the same time. They take a turn to explain to the audience, while they are training, what they are doing and why.

On the second day, they have two 45 minute sessions to work with their horse, with a half hour break in between. On the second session they have the choice to leave the round pen and ride in the arena to prepare their horse for the obstacle course.

Next the round pens are removed from the arena, and each rider has 12 minutes to ride their horse thru an obstacle course in the arena. In the obstacle course, they ride over a tarp, weave thru vertical poles, walk thru zig zag poles, rope a barrel, and drag a pole. Judges decide the Winner. A Buckle is awarded.

What is a Colt Starting Challenge?

The Rules of The Colt Starting Challenge USA​

Contestants are to bring their own equipment such as saddle, pad, halter, ropes and any props they may need to work with the horse that they have drawn. No abusing the horse. No blindfolding the horse. The horse cannot be tied up to be saddled. No spurs, tie downs, and no hobbles or leg restraints of any kind. No bits allowed except an O ring snaffle bit. The horse can be ridden with a halter, bozell, or bridle.

In the obstacle course portion, the horse is to walk, trot, and canter around the arena once in each direction. Rider can complete each obstacle in any order. The horse also needs to back up 3 steps, and have all 4 feet picked up. The obstacles will be: weaving thru and over poles, cross a tarp, rope a barrel, and drag a pole with a rope. In any time left, the rider can show off to the audience. If a contestant can not ride their horse thru the obstacle course, then they will not be allowed to be part of the obstacle course. If they do not attempt the obstacle course, they will be unable to place either First, Second, or Third place in the event. During the obstacle course, not Trainer can lead their horse thru or over any obstacle. If they do, they will get a zero score for that obstacle.

Contestants will have 5 points deducted

each time for getting bucked off, and up to 10 points (at the discretion of each Judge) for having their horse/saddle slam into the panels of the round pens. See the Judging tab for more


Pay now, and pick up your tickets at the gate.

Total the $ amount of the ticket you wish to purchase and pay below. Put in the message section the City of the event, the # of adults, and # of kids, and which dates



$15/PERSON per night

$5 Kids ages 7-12

Child 6 and under free



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Colt Starting Challenge USA Buckles

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