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Case Canoe

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About this project

Since the very first canoe ever carved out of a tree trunk, the shape of canoes have not changed throughout time. That is, UNTIL NOW.

Check out Tim Thomas explain how to win a Case Canoe in the NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament with Bill Hilts on the Outdoor Beat!

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Case Canoe orders before the Holidays will receive a package to give as a gift!

Our first production Case Canoe on our Christmas float in the Webster Fire Department Christmas Parade.

NYS Winter Classic's custom Case Canoe

Case Canoe is making our waterways more accessible. For those who don't want to paddle, or those who cannot paddle, Case Canoe has a patented drive system, the first of its kind.

project video thumbnailNo Paddle Necessary

Case Canoe provides an effortless experience on the water by replacing the burden of paddling with a simple hand control.

Our canoe provides a peaceful and tranquil experience of a canoe and kayak without the paddle getting in the way. The silent electric motor allows for easy nature listening. There is no loud motor "humming", interrupting your conversation nor the bird's conversation.

Kick your feet up and come enjoy a wonderful time on the water, and experience your adventure to its full potential.

The motor in the back of the canoe retracts in order to maintain the same draft of the canoe hull. Meaning that the motor does not effect how shallow the water can be for successful canoeing.

We will be using Yak-Gear and Railblaza products as accessories to outfit the accessories on the Case Canoes.

Our first production Case Canoe on our Christmas float in the Webster Fire Department Christmas Parade.

Case Canoe have used their years of using the canoe to create an experience that we truly enjoy, and are confident that you will too!

How long does the battery last?

We get about 6-7 hours of operation off of a full charge, with the added range of the solar panels you can be looking at 8-9 hours of operation depending on the sunny day

The Case Canoe provides a platform on the water that has endless applications. There are no noisy motors that ruin sound during video shoots. Use the motor as an assistant to your paddling workout! Even take someone out in the Case Canoe who would not have been able to paddle before, and show them the sites that you have enjoyed from your paddle trips.

Case Canoe not only takes the paddle out of the hands of those with a paddle, but opens a door for those who could not paddle before.

Fishing and Hunting

A fisherman used to paddle to his favorite spot, then finally hope for the perfect cast. With the Case Canoe, you can troll while preparing another bait, all while on your way to the secret fishing hole.

NYS Winter Classic's custom Case CanoePhoto and Video

Taking a photograph while trying to kayak or canoe with a paddle is next to impossible. Kayaks and canoes rock quite a bit when paddling. Another option is a boat, however those are quite noisy and cannot access the same waters as canoes and kayaks.

Case Canoe solves all of these problems. A quiet, smooth platform to take photos and video that can access all of the same water ways as the smallest shallow watercraft.

Risks and challenges

While we are 100% confident in our product, the Case Canoe, we are even more confident in the people behind Case Canoe.

Our biggest challenge that we are currently facing is that we are a small family business with a great idea. My dad, the inventor of the Case Canoe, Robert Case, has been an entrepreneur all of his life. If there is one thing that he can do very well, it is make a great idea, concept or product and have it be successful. As confident as we are, as a family, this brings on a big risk if we fall short.

We are sponsoring the NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament with a $5100 Custom Case Canoe as the grand prize for the largest overall fish caught.

We have collaborated on this Case Canoe with Vital Signs of Webster NY, for the decals, and Tim Thomas, director of the NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament for the design.

No Paddle Necessary project video thumbnail

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