Gerber Knives

Gerber Center

Gerber Center

This is the Gerber Center Drive, a brand-new made-in-the-USA multitool that’s launching today, and Gerber sent us a pre-production model a few days ahead of the launch to check it out. The Center Drive is manufactured from stainless steel, and features 14 individual tools within its frame. The pliers are spring loaded, and are released upward via a side-mounted sliding button…

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Gerber Knives made USA

Gerber Knives made USA

We at TTAK have been critical of Gerber and the decline of a once great knife brand. Nathan has even gone as far as to say “Gerber Sucks!” in a post last year. This is a defensible position, given their run of recalls and marketing machine that seems to place more importance on celebrity endorsements than on the product itself. This is one of the storylines that I wanted to…

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